Photo : President Clinton In Haiti

PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON : I met this young boy while I was touring a Haitian hospital last July. President Préval and I had been working together and were checking in on a number of projects, and this beautiful little guy was just one of the many children receiving medical attention because of partnerships between international donors and Haitians.

Just a few weeks ago, we were on a good path in Haiti. The Government and people there were building a stable and promising future for children like this boy — children who one day will support families of their own.

This is what keeps me going. Decades ago, I made a commitment to the people of Haiti, because I believed in their potential to rise above their long history of neglect. I still believe in that, and I will not give up on them. They’re the reason I was in Haiti before the quake, and they’re the reason I’m here now, helping them stand on their feet again.

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